The Medical Coding Certification Prep Course

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The Medical Coding Certification Prep Course Will Prepare You For The AAPC CPC, CPC-H, CPC-P or the AHMIA CCS and CCS-P Exams!

Go! This product will help you get certified! So why not take the guess work out of your exam preparation and start preparing with a full length study course!

Not a small course that only brushes over topics, this course goes deep into every area you  need to know to get certified. OVER 100 HOURS OF STUDY MATERIAL AND SIX MONTH ACCESS!

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Coding Certification Prep Course:

red buttonPresentation Type: Web Based & Course Book

red buttonDuration: 180 Days (6 Months)

red buttonStudy Time: 80 to 120 Hours

red buttonOp Reports: Over 120 (see list here)

red buttonExam Questions: Over 700

red buttonTerms Defined: Over 1200

red buttonCPT Codes: Current Year and Previous Year 

Certification Prep Course Description:

Using online text, actual surgical Op Reports, multiple-choice questions and hyperlinked medical terms and procedures to prepare for the coding, certification exams listed below.

All modules include explanations and answers to all test questions.

Recommended study time is 4 hours per week for at least 20 weeks. 

See A Complete List of Course Objectives

See A Complete List of Frequently Asked Questions

Qualified instructors are available online and by phone.

Course Objectives: To Learn The Following

ICD-10 Coding Objectives 

Basic CPT Coding Concepts  


CPT Modifiers

E & M Services



Respiratory System  


Digestive System


Male / Female Urinary  






Pathology/ Lab  


Musculoskeletal System

Pain Management

List of Operative Reports Included:

Click Here To See A Complete List of Topics Covered Inside Each Category Below


Integumentary 10000  

Muskoloskeletal 20000

30000 Section

30000 Respiratory

30000 Cardiology

40000 Section

50000 Section

60000 Section - Nervous

60000 Section - Ophthalmology

60000 Section - Auditory

Pathology 80000

Medicine (cardiology) 


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"... I am kicking myself for paying out so much money on my Los Angeles AAPC course , when actually yours is more informative and better laid out."
- K Taglianetti

We Help People Get Certified!

"The online course is comprehensive and very well organized. The links to online reference sources and study materials is a great help. I'm confident that I will be more than ready to pass the certification exam!"
-N. Flower  

We Help People Get Certified!

"The online course is just what I needed with my busy schedule. It allows me to study any time day or night when my schedule allows and at my own pace. I am also very pleased with the interaction I receive from the Help-line and quickness of responses with the answers to my questions." 
- L. Schoenwetter

We Help People Get Certified!

"I just wanted to let you know that I passed the recent CCS exam in June and wanted to give credit where it is due. Your coding quizzes were very helpful in helping me pass the exam. This was the most difficult exam I have ever taken ... I hope to be able to code at home now. Thank you so much for your help. I will certainly tell others about your company.
R Butler 

Our Medical Coders Are Certified Professional Coders and
Consultants to Major Hospitals Across the USA

Quality you can trust from experts in the medical coding field. We are a group of professional coders and consultants with over 32 years of experience. We have conducted over 800 medical coding seminars and tens of thousands of chart audits for physician practices.

 In addition, we have subcontracted for numerous law firms, CPA firms and national seminar and medical consulting firms such as McGraw-Hill Healthcare Education Group, Irwin Publishing, Business Network and Heritage Professional Education.

IMPORTANT*** Due to the individual attention we give each student we are forced to limit this to only
10 students at a time. If you try to sign up and see the Course Closed sign please get on the mailing list
and we will contact you as soon as a spot opens up!


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Plus We'll Include 16 Bonus Tips like...

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Bonus #1!

"Finding Your First Coding Job"  Training Video

This video covers preparing for your job search, presenting your coding skills, identifying potential positions, developing your network, preparing for a job specific interview and preparing your resume.  

This is a $57 Value

Bonus #2!

"Commonly Used Modifiers Explained"  Training Video

This video covers commonly used modifiers and their application. Modifiers reviewed are 25, 50, 51, and 59.

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To review, you get the Full Medical Coding Certification Prep Course with 6 months access to all our online learning modules PLUS THE COURSE BOOK, the exam strategy, "Finding Your First Coding Job" training video plus "Commonly Used Modifiers Explained" training video all for one very low price!

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The Best Price On The Net Guaranteed!

This product is backed by our guarantee of quality customer service. We will be happy to help if there is any problem with your purchase. Please note that your receipt will show payment to IPC Marketing at This is the payment processing company.

The Medical Coding Certification Prep Course is for the following exams:
CPC, CPC-H, CPC-P, CCS and CCS-P seal 

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