The Art Of The E & M Audit


Product: The Art of the E&M Audit

Availability: Online Access

Length: 91 minutes

Format: Recorded video PowerPoint presentation with audio narration

CEU's: AHIMA generic certificate

Price: $49


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The Art of the E & M Audit will provide the user the following information:

This recorded session goes beyond “auditing 101” and go into more detail on how audits vary, the gray areas and how no two auditors are alike. Jeff will bring forth his experience with thousands of audits to show how widely opinions vary. Specific examples of CC, HPI, ROS, and Exam from actual notes will be analyzed to illustrate the subjective nature of audits and how internal decisions need to be made concerning what is considered correct, incorrect or “documentation needs improvement.”

Complex topics such as the chief complaint, 1995 versus 1997 guidelines, vague normals, and medical decision making will be discussed.

You will learn:

  • Goal of an audit
  • Everyone must know the basics
  • How to document History, Exam and Medical Decision Making
  • Documenting Time
  • No two auditors are alike
  • Types of audits
  • Organizational issues
  • Top 25 audit errors
  • Review actual examples