People Who Passed The Exam

This is a list of people who passed the certification exam. We did not ask them to send us a response but many people started sending us notes saying they passed the exam so we thought we’d start keeping a list to share with you.

If you’ve passed the exam and our material helped, you can let us know if you would like by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.


Heather Turner – “I just wanted to let you know that I was preparing for the CPC exam and took a practice exam and only made a 70%. I was somewhat skeptical of purchasing your strategies and practice in fear it would not help. Reluctantly, I purchased your product (a practice exam and the strategies to pass) before sitting for the CPC exam. I received my results yesterday. I MADE A 92! I used all of the strategies you recommended (time management, highlighting, etc), which made all the difference in the world. Thank you so much!!!”

Diana Rieser – “Thank you so much for your course.  I passed the Exam with the help of your strategies. Blessings.”

Vicky Taylor – “Ordered your bundle prior to taking my CPC exam. Very useful tool in helping me to pass the exam on my first try. Thank you!”

Eileen Rizzo – “I can’t tell you just how much I LOVE your site. The newsletters you send are invaluable. I have learned so much from them. I am a recent graduate from a certificate program (medical billing and coding) at a local community college and bought your practice exams. I took the exam 2 weeks after finishing the program and passed. Everything that you send is your emails are so well written and easy to understand. Every one of the articles were so relevant to what I was learning. Thanks again!”

Linda Boehm, CPC – “This is very good, Greg.  I used your practice exam bundle and passed the first time.  I also recommended this to others preparing for the test in our organization.  They ordered and felt it was of great value.  I especially appreciated the explanation for the answers which helped me learn while I corrected the test. When I took the practice test, I set a timer for 5 hr 40 min. and was able to complete in 3 hours with a score of 89%.”

Debbie Mead – “I passed the exam. Bought your books and they helped. Thanks”.

Teri J. Reynolds  Martin, TN – “Hi everyone!  Just wanted to let you all know I too passed the exam on 2/26/2015! Thank you for you study materials!  I am so excited! Thank you again!”

Frances Petschauer – “…I used your resources to help my students when I tutored them.”

Deb Gillespie – “I ordered your materials and they were very valuable to me when I took and passed my CPC-I exam.”

Karen Renda – “I passed the test with your help! Thank you!”

Janette Hundley – “I passed the CPC exam. Thanks”.

Paula Brewer – I passed the exam… Whoot!”

Karen Wheeler – “I have passed the exam!”

Nancy – Moline Illinios – “I passed on the first try!!!!!”

Salini Mohan – “Passed the exam”

Theresa Cusella – “I have passed the CPC test!”

Debra Abeling – “I passed the test!”

Dahimy Avila – “Have passed the exam”

Fayetta Lazard – “Thank you for the practice exam. It help me to recognize my strong and weak points. But I must say I got about 80 percent correct on the test… So again it help me out a lot”

Michelle Bruner – “I passed the CPC Exam…”

Valerie Cantrell – “I purchased the practice exam w/ strategy and it’s GREAT. It’s helping learn how to look up the codes and become familiar with the reference books.”

Rhen Eades – ” I passed the exam”.

Elizabeth Halsey – “I purchased your practice exam package and think it’s great. Using your tips, I completed all 150 questions in 297 minutes and scored an 84%.”

Diana Orellana-Gomez – “First let me tell you I very happy I get this subscription last year… I love this videos and help me with my training – education updates.”

Kathleen Clisbee – “I am thrilled to report Greg that I passed my CPC Exam on December 12th!”

Phyllis Davis – “Hi, I passed my exam, and I think that your strategy that I purchased helped a lot!! Thanks!!

Lisa Disalvo – “Just starting to scratch the surface of compliance and the upcoming RAC Audits this will be an asset to the medical coding community.”

Vickey Lawson – “Your test was amazing, it help me out a lot.”

Marci – “Thanks Gregg, your test helped a ton.”

Lissa Singer – “thanks Gregg!”

Erica Johnson – “Well the practice test helped me pass my CPC exam.  I got he good news last week!”

Mary R. Boyce – “I passed the CPC exam in May and are CPC certified. Your information helped and so did a lot of studying and praying…”

Mark Therrien – “I wanted to thank you for the CPC practice exam.  Thanks to the practice I was able to pass the CPC and CCA exams on the first take.  Your exam really helped me work on timing and the lab questions were especially helpful.”

Deanna Allen – “Woooohooooo, I passed! I also went for the Medical Administration certificate and passed that as well. Thanks for all your hints and practice exams to help me pass. Wow I am glad that’s over. Thanks again!”

Sabrina – “I did purchase the practice exam from you before the new year and I passed my CPC. I found out literally new years eve! Thanks for the great exam!”

Kimberly S – “I took and passed my certification exam. Thank you for the tips and additional resources.”

Diane LeRoy – “Your CPC practice w/ explanatory answers gave me an idea of what the exam would be like and provided great instruction in several coding situations.”

Sofia Leon – “I passed the CPC exam!”

Lester Belen – “I took the CPC exam Dec. 7. As a matter of fact, I did pass the CPC exam and your practice exam helped. Thanks! Go ahead and list my name in your Certified Coders section.”

Buffy Frizzell – ” I got my CPC certification about 2 week ago.”

Victoria Steeley – “I have passed the CPC and thank you for all of your help with the preparation materials.”

Brenda Major – “Passed Exam!”.

Alicia Landry – “I passed the exam. Thanks!

Cheryl Hall – “I passed!”

Dechovia Wilson – “I passed the test”

Michelle Smith – “…passed the exam”

Elizabeth – “I took the CCS and passed”

Kelly Kakna – “I passed the exam!”

Gerri Haley-Cox – “Took the test and passed!”

Yolanda – “I passed the exam.”

Alyssa Hughes – “Took the exam and passed.”

Kathy Freeman – “Passed the test!”

Leah Milliken – “I have taken the exam and passed!”

Cheryl Baker – “I passed the exam!”

Jess Fleischman – “Passed the exam!”

Kelly Link – “Passed the CPC Exam!”

James Feltner – “I passed!”

Nancy Guerrero – “I passed my CPC exam and my ICD-10 Proficiency Exam!”

Jennifer Manning – “Thank you for your help. I have passed the certification exam.”

Diane Dutton – “I passed the test!”

Stephany Marshall – “I passed the coding exam!”

Amanda Hemberger – “I passed both the CPC and ICD-10 exams!”


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