Medical Coding Salaries

Medical coding salaries vary widely in the medical coding industry depending on location, experience, certification level and more. Who you work for will make a difference in salary as well.

On average a certified medical coder salary is 7k to 10k per year more than an equally experienced, non certified coder according to a recent AAPC Salary Survey.

Typically, family practices do not pay as well as hospitals, specialists, or clinics. We have collected the data on the hourly wages of medical coders, billers, and specialists so you can decide where you would like to be and what it will take you to get there.

A career decision is never easy to make, but the more information you have the easier it will be to make the right choice for your situation. The right choice the first time can put you in a better situation later on and give you more career options

The benefits of certification are many, including higher pay, greater flexibility (working at home) and expanded upward mobility in the medical community.

Another perquisite is the prestige that a career in the medical field carries.

People that work in the medical profession are held in very high esteem in our society.

The demand for medical coders and billers has grown rapidly over the last several years and will continue to expand with the implementation of ICD-10 in October 2014.

This growth is due in part to the monetary payoff that awaits medical businesses that employ highly proficient coders. The estimates on the amount of money lost due to incorrect coding are nothing short of astounding.

Another contributing factor to the rapid growth of the profession is the insulating effect it has on potential litigation. This is a very important factor given the pervasiveness of litigation involved in the medical field.

Hospitals and doctors both know the value of a good coder. This is money well spent not only to avoid a potential fine or lawsuit, but to maximize the claims by coding everything correctly.

Medical Billing is no exception. A quality medical biller or medical transcriptionist can help maximize the company’s reimbursement and insulate the company from any litigation by producing quality, accurate transcription and reporting.

Thus a highly skilled, certified, coder is a coveted employee to have and gaining certification is your doorway to making these benefits a reality.