Medical Coding Certification

Business woman with thumbs upHere is a list of the certifications available through the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

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AAPC Main Credentials

CPC-ACertified Professional Coder Apprentice

CPCCertified Professional Coder (Outpatient Physician Office Credential)

CICCertified Inpatient Coder – Hospital (Inpatient Hospital/ Facility Credential)

COCCertified Outpatient Coder – Hospital (Outpatient Hospital/ Facility Credential)

CPC-ICertified Professional Coder – Instructor

CPC-P Certified Professional Coder – Payer (Payer Coding Credential)

CIRCCCertified Interventional Radiology Cardiovascular Coder (Interventional Radiology Cardiovascular Credential)

AAPC Specialty Credentials

CASCC – Certified Ambulatory Surgery Center Coder

CANPC – Certified Anesthesia and Pain Management Coder

CCCCertified Cardiology Coder

CCVTC – Certified Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Coder

CCPC – Certified Chiropractic Professional Coder

CPCD – Certified Professional Coder in Dermatology

CEDC – Certified Emergency Department Coder

CEMC – Certified Evaluation and Management Coder

CFPC – Certified Family Practice Coder

CGIC – Certified Gastroenterology Coder

CGSC – Certified General Surgery Coder

CHONC – Certified Hematology and Oncology Coder

CIMC – Certified Internal Medicine Coder

COBGC – Certified Obstetric Gynecology Coder

COSCCertified Orthopaedic Surgery Coder

CENTC – Certified ENT Coder

CPEDC – Certified Pediatrics Coder

CPRC – Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Coder

CRHC – Certified Rheumatology Coder

CSFAC – Certified Surgical Foot and Ankle Coder

CUC –  Certified Urology Coder

 AHIMA Coding Credentials

CCACertified Coding Apprentice

CCS – Certified Coding Specialist

CCS-P – Certified Coding Specialist – Physician

AHIMA Health Information Credentials

CHDA – Certified Health Data Analyst


RHIARegistered Health Information Administer

RHITRegistered Health Information Technician

AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association) offers similar medical coding certification including CSS®(hospital coding) and CSS-P® (physician based coding). The main difference

The benefits of certification are many, including higher pay, greater flexibility (working at home) and expanded upward mobility in the medical community. Another perquisite is the prestige that a career in the medical field carries. People that work in the medical profession are held in very high esteem in our society.

The demand for medical coders and medical billers has grown rapidly over the last several years. This growth is due in part to the monetary payoff that awaits medical businesses that employ highly proficient coders. The estimates on the amount of money lost due to incorrect coding are nothing short of astounding.

Another contributing factor to the rapid growth of the profession is the insulating effect it has on potential litigation. This is a very important factor given the pervasiveness of litigation involved in the medical field.

The coding industry is no exception. A qualified candidate in medical coding or medical billing can help insulate the company from any litigation by producing quality, accurate medical transcription and reporting. Thus a highly skilled, certified, coder is a coveted employee to have and gaining certification is your doorway to making these benefits a reality.

The medical field is growing and projections have moderate to accelerated growth over the next decade. One of the areas experiencing the fastest expansion is the medical coding and medical billing field.