The Practice Certified Orthopaedics Surgery Coder (COSC©) Exam is the perfect tool to prepare for specialty certification!

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Why not practice for the COSC Exam with a full assortment of questions, 100 of them just like on the actual exam. Don’t just study your books, answer real questions with real life scenarios, answers and rationale included.

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Here’s What Practice COSC© Exam #1 Includes:

The Medical Coding Practice CCC© Exam is based on the CCC© Exam offered by the AAPC©. This exam consists of 100 questions.

This exam consists of 100 multiple choice and true/ false questions. Each practice exam has different questions so there is no duplication.

red checkmark20,000 Series Musculoskeletal (47 questions)

red checkmarkMedical Terminology (43  questions)

red checkmarkAnatomy (5 questons)

red checkmark90,000 Series Medicine (5 questions)


The practice COSC exam will help you prepare for the Certified Orthopaedics Surgery Coder Certification Exam CCC™ through the American Academy of Professional Coders. The questions are specifically focused around this certification exam and will improve your proficiency and overall score. The stronger your knowledge of Orthopaedics the easier everything else will become.

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