Coding Concepts For Providers, Managers, and Non-Coders


Product: Coding Concepts For Providers, Managers, and Non-Coders

Availability: Online Access

Length: 120+ minutes

Format: Recorded video PowerPoint presentation with audio narration

CEU's: AHIMA generic certificate

Price: $99


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"Coding Concepts for Providers, Managers, and Non-Coders" will provide the user the following information:

While this is a basic coding concept presentation, it is much longer than your average introduction. The purpose is to provide either a beginning coder or non-coders a thorough overview of the scope and basic concepts of CPT coding. In addition, it covers many areas not found in the CPT manual as well as the big-picture of how it all ties together.

This presentation is the result of over 15 years of training coders, billers, providers, an managers. It represents about a full week of work. You could spend forty-hours creating this course or gathering the information from numerous other sources or purchase this course and benefit from my research and get the very best overview of CPT concepts in over 115 Powerpoint slides.

There is a wealth of information outside of the CPT manual that is necessary for the coder to perform his or her job correctly. This presentation draws on the author’s experience with thousands of coders, billers and providers over a 15-years plus career as a coding, billing and documentation instructor .Presentation highlights include:

This course covers a wide range of CPT coding concepts with numerous interesting and information examples from the instructor's over 15 years of experience and training over 1,000 certified coders. In addition, the presenter has practical knowledge in coding and billing teaching hundreds of live seminars worldwide. It starts with the basics such manual symbols, place of service codes and the organization of the CPT manual. It then covers the highlights for every section of the CPT manual. Key areas include E & M, surgical guidelines, OB/GYN rules, modifiers and the CPT appendices.

The goal here is to impart to billers, management and Providers the complexity and scope of the CPT manual using actual examples from each section. In addition, this course is a great introduction and review for medical coders. It does not require any prior knowledge of coding or billing.

The take-away here is a solid foundation of CPT coding concepts with specific examples and how they relate to the bigger picture of compliance, accuracy, and reimbursement.