Carrier Specific Rules


Product: Carrier Specific Rules

Availability: Online Access

Length: 90 minutes

Format: Recorded video PowerPoint presentation with audio narration

CEU's: AHIMA generic certificate

Price: $49


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Carrier Specific Rules will provide the user the following information:

Get proven tips and strategies to understand, track and manage carrier-specific rules. Learn how to eliminate denials due to carrier-specific rules and guidelines. Most clinics waste time and money calling carriers for every denial. 

Jeff will cover some of the most important issues surrounding carrier-specific rules and what you need to know from a global perspective. 

  • In this Webinar you will learn:
  • Identify carrier-specific guidelines – coding or billing rule that is specific to a carrier
  • Proper procedures for appealing denied claims
  • Learn the most efficient way to determine a carrier specific rule
  • Differentiate fact from opinion for a carrier-specific rule
  • Financial impact of carrier-specific rules on the practice
  • Realize the risk involved when reporting a service incorrectly and getting paid misinterpreting a carrier-specific rule
  • Even major carriers have differing rules depending on your region
  • How a coder’s knowledge of CPT and ICD-9-CM coding basics affect this process
  • 10 biggest errors found in audits
  • How use of modifiers and unlisted codes impact claims
  • Examples of carrier-specific rules
  • How to read an EOB – no standard denial codes, unique to every vendor
  • Handling duplicate diagnostic testing claims
  • The right way to get billing advice.
  • The difference between a rejection and a denial
  • What are carrier-specific rules for MOD-25 or MOD-59.