About Us

Medical Coding Pro provides information about medical coding. We also help people in the medical coding community prepare for the medical coding certification exam.

It began with my wife taking a medical coding class and passed it with flying colors.

Next was the certification exam. While studying the material she had learned while taking the class she started to look for some additional help on line to assist her with the test. She found next to nothing.

She took the certification exam twice and didn’t pass. So, we spent another $300 to retake the exam and as she was preparing we realized that if she prepared the same way she did the first time the results would most likely be the same.

Change of plans. We did a lot of research, not only about the material, but about how to take the exam. During this period we developed “The Medical Coding Exam Strategy“.

We now had a strategy on how to take the exam. The Strategy is based on twelve key elements that really work! Elements that no one is sharing with anyone and we wanted to change that and change it at a cost much less expensive than a seminar, or workshop, or even a website membership.

Our mission is to help everyone we can pass the exam and gain their certification for the least amount of money as possible.

To do this we offer free and very inexpensive exam preparation tools such as the 20 Question Medical Coding Practice Exam (free), The 150 Question Medical Coding Practice Exam (very inexpensive!) and The Medical Coding Exam Strategy which is under $50!

If you have a suggestion for a tool or advice that you found useful please contact us and we will publish it.